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After Action Report
Marine Fighting Squadron 251

Date of Action: July 11, 2008
Base of Operations: A69
Division Assignment: Sector Delta

VMF-251 took off at 2309 from A69 with 9 Ta-152s. W.O. Grue launched late at 2321. Division assignments as follows:

Red Flight
Maj. Wyatt
2nd Lt. SPANKY38
1st Lt. DeVice

Blue Flight
Capt. Charlie Morgan
2nd Lt. Norwood Bodie
W.O. Grue
2nd Lt. Roche

White Flight
1st Lt. Drazz
1st Lt. Trol

Squadron circled field twice, then proceeded northwest to Sector Delta. Squadron climbed to 30,000ft and proceeded to patrol sector 16.17, while LCA in coordination set up in sector 15.17.

LCA made initial contact with enemy at about 2345 and pulled them down to the deck. VMF-251 turned west to provide assistance and arrived at about 2348. Wyatt ordered Blue Flight to maintain high cover while Red and White engaged. On initial dive in Wyatt shot down P-51 at 2348. HAMMERR's forced to bail out after wing damaged during dive. Drazz and Trol compressed but recovered. Remainder of squadron entered fight without incident.

Short fight ensued on the deck. Wyatt claimed second P-51 at 2351. Remainder of enemy destroyed before T+60 after launch. Red and White remainder regrouped and turned east to recover altitude, before proceeding South back to base.

Squadron arrived back at A69 without incident, and squadron recovered by 0033.

Personnel Status
Maj. David Wyatt Landed Safely
2nd Lt. Spanky38 Landed Safely
2nd Lt. HAMMERR Bailed Out (Captured)
1st Lt. DeVice Landed Safely
Capt. Charlie Morgan Landed Safely
2nd Lt. Norwood Bodie Ditched on Field
W. O. Grue Landed Safely
2nd Lt. Neil Roche Landed Safely
1st Lt. Drazz Landed Safely
1st Lt. Trol Landed Safely

Equipment Status
10 Ta-152 9 Recovered Safely

1 Lost
10 Drop Tanks 10 Jettisoned

Pilot Victores
Maj David Wyatt 2