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After Action Report
Marine Fighting Squadron 251

Date of Action: August 8, 2008
Base of Operations: 81
Division Assignment: Escort

VMF-251 rolled from 81 at 2304, ordered to escort bombers to target. Threaded radar coordior N of A51. Enroute Grue vanished 2349. W of 94 encountered three Ki-61s. Pursued and engaged large group of A6Ms.

Morgan claimed A6M at 2356, shot down at 2357. Sidle shot down A6M at 2357, and second at 0001. HAMMERR shot down 2353. Roche shot down 2358. MEF4UD claimed Ki-61 at 2355. Shot down 0008. Bodie shot down 2355.

aJoust and sidle withdrew and safely landed at 87 at 0028.

Personnel Status
Capt. Charlie Morgan Shot Down
1st Lt. aJoust Landed Safely
2nd Lt. Norwood Bodie Shot Down
W.O. Grue Vanished
Capt. MEF4UD Shot Down
1st Lt. Michael Sidle Landed Safely
2nd Lt. Neil Roche Shot Down
2nd Lt. HAMMERR Shot Down

Equipment Status
8 FM-2 2 Recovered Safely

6 Lost

Pilot Victories
Capt. Charlie Morgan 1
Capt MEF4UD 1
1st Lt. Drazz 2