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After Action Report
Marine Fighting Squadron 251

Operation Iceberg

Date of Action: November 30, 2007
Base of Operations: CV-2
Division Assignment: Force Blue-Ray

VMF-251 lifted from task force CV-2 in F4U-1Ds at 2304 and began climb to altitude. Force Blue-Ray led by 325th Checkertails and also consisting of 9GIAP assigned to strike enemy airfield at A10. 325 and 9GIAP rallied SW of taskforce. VMF-251 proceeded south to line up on Force Blue-Ray flight path.

Per orders C/O 325, VMF-251 to patrol corridor in radar coverage between airfields 18-19-20 and, if clear, sweep target airfield for enemy aircraft. VMF-251 climbed to 25,000ft ASL and proceeded along flight path southeast, then turned 090 when north of A18. At edge of radar at mainland, squadron held to confirm position and consult with strike leader, then penetrated enemy radar coverage.

At 2325 VMF-251 made contact with mixed force of 20+ bandits circling perimeter of target area at 30,000ft. Maj. Wyatt and 2nd Lt. Lane engaged enemy aircraft, while Capt. MEF4UD and 1st Lt. Morgan pressed in to A10 for rocket attack on airfield. Lt. Lane shot down Nakajima Ki-84 at 2331. Enemy numbers and altitude advantage rendered engagement untenable. Likely due to small size of attack force, the enemy did not significantly press and retained altitude, allowing 251 to dive out. Wyatt and Lane dumped ordinance and continued to engage on egress. MEF4UD and Morgan successfully attacked target with rockets and inflicted minor damage, then withdrew northeast towards A20.

Lt. Lane shot down in flames at 2334. Maj. Wyatt continued egress on deck. After contact with enemy broken resumed climb back to altitude. Capt. MEF4UD and Lt. Morgan broadcasted coordinates, indicated being pressed by additional enemy, possible from A20. Wyatt turned to intercept and found MEF4UD and Morgan engaged with 4 Kawanishi N1K2-J fighters on deck. Wyatt joined engagement and forced enemy to break off pursuit. VMF-251 turned back in to engage. Morgan claimed one George, then shot down in flames. MEF4UD crashed into the sea. Wyatt recorded one additional N1K2 crashed then withdrew west to regain altitude.

Maj. Wyatt resumed egress towards CV-1. Report on HQ channel indicated CV under attack. Wyatt set course and arrived to find CAP engaged with multiple A6M. Wyatt joined engagement and damaged on Zero (later upgraded to destroyed). At 0005 Ki-67 bombers spotted and commenced dive-bombing attacks on CV-1. Wyatt aided defense of carrier and claimed two Peggy bombers in two minutes of action.

Maj. Wyatt then resumed climbout for return to assigned home base. Enroute encountered lone George at 0017 and successfully destroyed it. Wyatt landed aboard CV-2 0030. Combat damage to flaps led to serious airframe damage on landing but aircraft safely brought on board.

Personnel Status
Maj. David Wyatt Landed Safely
2nd Lt. C.J. Lane III Shot down
Capt. MEF4UD Crashed
1st Lt. Charlie Morgan Shot down

Equipment Lost/Expended
4 F4U-1D 3 lost, 1 damaged
4 150gal Drop Tanks 4 Expended
32 5" HVAR 32 Expended

Pilot Victories
Maj. David Wyatt 5
2nd Lt. C.J. Lane III 1
1st Lt. Charlie Morgan 1