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After Action Report
Marine Fighting Squadron 251

Date of Action: July 17, 2009
Base of Operations: C17
Division Assignment: CAP 17

Squadron took off at 2301 to defend C17 with 367th FG. VMF-251 split into two flights:

Red Flight
Lt. Col. Wyatt
2nd Lt. Coronado
Capt. Sidle

patrolled task group at 24,000ft with majority of 367th on W side of group.

Blue Flight
1st Lt. Trol
1st Lt. Roche
WO1 Milsaps

joined with 367th Charlie Flight and maintained close defensive position around task group at 15,000 ft.

At about 2345 enemy aircraft spotted at task group. All fighters rushed back to intercept, but enemy aircraft escaped after dropping on carrier. Second wave spotted IB from W, and defense moved to intercept.

In short action, Wyatt downed SBD at 2349. Trol shot down one at 2350, and Sidle another at 2351. Remainder of enemy destroyed or scattered by 367th and threat to carrier ended.

Squadron rearmed and returned to patrol altitude, before returning to base by 0057.

Personnel Status
Lt. Col. David Wyatt Landed Safely
2nd Lt. Eli Coronado Landed Safely
Capt. Michael Sidle Landed Safely
1st Lt. Trol Landed Safely
1st Lt. Neil Roche Landed Safely
WO1 Billy Millsaps Landed Safely

Equipment Status
6 A6M5 6 Recovered

6 Drop Tanks 6 Expended

Pilot Victories
Lt. Col. David Wyatt 1
Capt. Michael Sidle 1
1st Lt. Trol 1