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After Action Report
Marine Fighting Squadron 251

Date of Action: August 22, 2009
Base of Operations: A86
Division Assignment: Fuel Dump Defense

VMF-251 took off at 2301 with eight P-40Es, assigned to defend fuel dump at 13.3.5. Squadron formed up by flights:

Red Flight
Lt. Col. Wyatt
2nd Lt. Coronado
2nd Lt. King
1st Lt. Bodie

Blue Flight
Capt. Sidle
1st Lt. Trol
1st Lt. Roche
WO1 Millsaps

At directions of VF-17, VMF-251 proceeded to radar gap W of fuel dump and set up patrols. Red Flight patrolled N of 3/4 line at 15,000 and 24,000ft, Blue Flight to S. At about 2340 enemy aircraft sighted by VF-17. Wyatt and Coronado turned to intercept, while remainder of squadron engaged small number of A6Ms.

Trol claimed A6M at 2347. Coronado shot down one over fuel dump at 2348, and Bodie claimed additional A6M at 2348. With enemy strike driven off VMF-251 regrouped and returned to patrol area. At CiC's approval, VMF-251 proceeded W in search of additional enemy aircraft, forming at 24,000ft.

At 2315 Ki-61s sighted, some low behind, some at co-altitude. Red Flight engaged with Ki-61s in rear, while Blue engaged leading group. Bodie shot down 2318. Additional Ki-61s arrived as Wyatt dove in to assist King, and shot down two at 2321. Wyatt, Coronado and King shot down at 2323 as more Ki-61s arrived. Roche and Millsaps shot down 2324. Trol shot down Ki-61 at 2325. Sidle and Trol shot down 2325.

Personnel Status
Lt. Col. David Wyatt Shot Down
2nd Lt. Eli Coronado Shot Down
2nd Lt. Frank King Shot Down
1st Lt. Norwood Bodie Shot Down
Capt. Michael Sidle Shot Down
1st Lt. Trol Shot Down
1st Lt. Neil Roche Shot Down
WO1 Billy Millsaps Shot Down

Equipment Status
8 P-40E 8 Lost
8 Drop Tanks 8 Expended

Pilot Victories
Lt. Col. David Wyatt 2
2nd Lt. Eli Coronado 1
1st Lt. Norwood Bodie 1
1st Lt. Trol 2