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After Action Report
Marine Fighting Squadron 251

Date of Action: March 5, 2010
Base of Operations: A45
Division Assignment: Defense A45

Squadron took off at 2258 from A45 with 12 Hurricane Mk.Is, assigned to defend airfield with JV44 and VF-17. Squadrons formed up by flights and began climb to altitude, to patrol location E of field.

Red Flight
Lt. Col. Wyatt
1st. Lt. Lane
2nd Lt. Coronado
WO1 Arumugam

Blue Flight
1st Lt. Roche
WO1 Wittie
Capt. Sidle
WO1 Jones

White Flight
CWO2 Lambert
WO1 Rasmussen
WO1 Johnson
WO1 Ferguson

At about 2345 formation of enemy aircraft spotted low and heading towards the field. Defensive CAP turned to intercept and engaged.

Lane shot down Bf-110 at 2350, and Sidle shot down Ju-88 at 2351. Once initial attack was driven off squadron returned to patrol. Red and White Flights vectored NE while Blue covered area around airfield, and sporadic contact made with one or two 110s in area, but enemy withdrew rather than pressing engagement.

Lane crashed at 0030, remainder of squadron recovered by 0045.

Personnel Status
Lt. Col. David Wyatt Landed Safely
1st Lt. C. J. Lane III Crashed
2nd Lt. Eli Coronado Landed Safely
WO1 Eric Rasmussen Landed Safely
1st Lt. Neil Roche Landed Safely
WO1 Mark Wittie Landed Safely
Capt. Michael Sidle Landed Safely
WO1 Mark Jones Landed Safely
CWO2 Jeff Lambert Landed Safely
WO1 Eric Rasmussen Landed Safely
WO1 Mark Jones Landed Safely
WO1 Clayton Johnson Landed Safely

Equipment Status
12 Hurricane Mk.I 11 Recovered

1 Lost

Pilot Victories
1st Lt. C. J. Lane III 1
Capt. Michael Sidle 1