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Marine Fighting Squadron 251

Descriptions of all ranks utilized by VMF-251 and default criteria and requirements are listed at right.

Rank Descriptions

(Effective as of 9 April, 2009)

Recruit Ranks

Warrant Officer 1
New Recruits.
Chief Warrant Officer 2
Completion of basic ground school: Fuel and power management, basic navigation, bombsight calibration, takeoffs, landings, ground handling (taxi/rearms) and comms procedures.
Chief Warrant Officer 3
Proficiency with advanced/combat maneuvers as an individual pilot by displaying an understanding of basic concepts and maneuvers of air to air combat.
Chief Warrant Officer 4
Proficiency with basic formation flight and maneuvers.
Chief Warrant Officer 5
Proficiency with advanced and combat maneuvers while acting as wingman.

Inducted Ranks

2nd Lieutenant
Completion of all training, and qualifying in gunnery and ordinance delivery.
1st Lieutenant
Qualifying as Section Leader, or displaying continued exemplary service to the squadron.
Qualifies as Flight Leader, or other command position within the squadron. May be issued in recognition of exceptional service to the squadron, beyond the normal call of duty.
Command Rank
Lt. Colonel
Command Rank

Disclaimer: VMF-251 wishes to make it known that the decorations within are strictly in the interest of simulation and immersion. VMF-251 holds the utmost respect for the men and women of the armed forces of the United States of America who have been duly awarded the honors depicted herein for actions under hostile fire.