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After Action Report
Marine Fighting Squadron 251

Date of Action: January 18, 2008
Base of Operations: A22
Division Assignment: EA Charlie

VMF-251 lifted from A22 at 2316 to provide air superiority for Engagement Area Charlie. Took off 045 and turned NE towards field 21. When S of field, 251 turned 240 and proceeded to assigned engagement area at altitude of 15,000ft.

At 2330 contact made with enemy aircraft at engagement area. VMF-251 encountered Fw-190s between 10,000 and 15,000 ft and engaged. At 2335 Maj. Wyatt recorded victory over Fw-190. Squadron was bounced by second wave of high 109s and 190s. Capt. Morgan shot down at 2335. Sgt. VipPer65 shot down at 2336. Wyatt shot down one additional Fw-190 at 2337, before forced to egress due to wounds received from ground fire.

1st Lt. Santana continued engagement and shot down one Fw-190 at 2341. Was shot down at 2347. Wyatt forced to ditch on egress, rescued at 2343.

Personnel Status
Maj. David Wyatt Ditched, WIA
1st Lt. Jonathan Santana Shot Down
Capt. Charlie Morgan Shot Down
Sgt. VipPer65 Shot Down

Equipment Status
4 Yak-9U 1 ditched
3 lost

Pilot Victories
Maj. David Wyatt 2
1st Lt. Jonathan Santana 1