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After Action Report
Marine Fighting Squadron 251

Date of Action: January 25, 2008
Base of Operations: A16
Division Assignment: EA Bravo

VMF-251 lifted from A16 at 2310 to provide air superiority for Engagement Area Bravo. Took off 225 and climbed to 10,000ft. When due west of A10 turned 270 towards Engagement Area.

At about 2325 squadron encountered enemy aircraft and engaged to help cover ground attack craft. Capt. MEF4UD shot down an Fw 190A-5 at 2327. Maj. Wyatt shot down a Bf 109G-6 at 2328. 1st Lt. DeVice shot down Fw 190A-5 at 2328. Wyatt and DeVice exited fight low on ammunition and proceeded E towards A16. MEF4UD damaged by enemy fire and forced to recover at A10 at 2335. Capt. Morgan and Sgt. Bodie crashed at 2336

Wyatt and DeVice returned to A16 and refueled and rearmed at 2345. Waited on runway for survivers of Damned. All aircraft refueled by 2350 and relaunched. Remainder of VMF-251 consolidated with Damned. Took off and proceeded NE to A45 area at 20,000ft. At about 0005 encounted many Bf 109s greatly exceeding 20,000ft max cap while scounting A45 area and engaged in running battle eastward. DeVice shot down at 0010. Wyatt shot down Bf 109 at 0015. Damned and VMF-251 linked up with elements of 325th Checkertails and fought off the enemy, then returned to base for refuel.

Wyatt's aircraft suffered mechanical failure of landing gear during final approach. Gear failed and Wyatt forced to belly in on runway, but successfully crash-landed on field at 0034.

Personnel Status
Maj. David Wyatt Landed Safely
Capt. MEF4UD Ditched
Sgt. Norwood Bodie Shot Down
Capt. Charlie Morgan Shot Down
1st Lt. DeVice Shot Down

Equipment Status
5 Yak-9U 1 crash-landed
1 ditched
3 lost

Pilot Victories
Maj. David Wyatt 2
Capt. MEF4UD 1
1st Lt. DeVice 1