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After Action Report
Marine Fighting Squadron 251

Date of Action: September 5, 2008
Base of Operations: A28
Division Assignment: Strike A41

VMF-251 rolled out of field A28 with 8 formations of Ju-88A-4s, tasked with striking A41 and V22. Strike coordinated with 367th FG and 5th AF out of A28. VMF-251 lifted at 2305 and gathered into formation:

Red Flight
Maj. Wyatt
2nd Lt. 1Duke1
1st Lt. Sidle

Capt. MEF4UD
2nd Lt. Roche
1st Lt. Trol

White Flight
Capt. Morgan
2nd Lt. Bodie

Squadron formed up and began climb to altitude, forming low on 367th FG. 1Duke1 experienced mechanical trouble with dive flaps and fell behind. 1Duke1 managed to resolve dive flap issue but unable to completely rejoin formation.

En route to target formation encountered group of enemy Boston bombers. Some escorts turned to engage, strike package proceeded to target. Made initial bombing run from high altitude. VMF-251 targeted S side of base and made drops at about 2350. Bodie destroyed field gun and barracks on run.

Formation proceeded NE on to secondary target, when cleared by CiC to return to A41 for second strike. Group reversed course and descended to low altitude for dive/glide-bombing runs on target.

1Duke1 destroyed radar and field gun at 2357. MEF4UD shot down P-39Q at 2359. Sidle destroyed barracks at 0003. Roche destroyed ammunition bunker at 0004. After brief fight over target squadron egressed to A25. Successfully disengaged from enemy. Bodie crashed on landing at 0018, remainder of squadron recovered successfully at 0022.

Personnel Status
Maj. David Wyatt Landed
2nd Lt. 1Duke1 Landed
1st Lt.Michael Sidle Landed
Capt. MEF4UD Landed
2nd Lt. Neil Roche Landed
1st Lt. Trol Landed
Capt. CpMorgan Landed
2nd Lt. Norwood Bodie Crashed

Equipment Status
8 Ju-88A-4 (Formations) 7 Formations Recovered

1 Formation Lost
96 250kg bombs 96 Expended
2400 50kg bombs 2400 Expended

Pilot Victories
Capt. MEF4UD 1

Pilot Objects Destroyed
2nd Lt. 1Duke1 2
1st Lt. Michael Sidle 1
2nd Lt. Neil Roche 1
2nd Lt. Norwood Bodie 2