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After Action Report
Marine Fighting Squadron 251

Date of Action: September 12, 2008
Base of Operations: A12
Division Assignment: Strike V32

VMF-251 took off at 2309 from A12 in ten Bf-110s for strike against A32 with Precision and Righteous Vengeance. 251 flights as follows:

Red Flight
Maj. Wyatt
1st Lt. aJoust
2nd Lt. Lane

Blue Flight
Capt. MEF4UD
2nd Lt. Roche
1st Lt. Sidle
1st Lt. Trol

White Flight
Capt. Morgan
2nd Lt. 1Duke1

VMF-251 took lead position in strike. Bf-110s to proceed as a group at low altitude, entering canyon N edge of 11.12 for approach to base under cover. At 12.12.7 strike divided to prepare for simultaneous attack from three directions. Righteous Vengeance to strike from W, Precision from N, and VMF-251 from E. Lane crashed 2332.

Strike divided at 12.12 as planned. However contact with enemy forced Righteous Vengeance to proceed with attack while Precision and 251 moved into position. Before other squadrons ready Righteous Vengeance reported target area destroyed.

VMF-251 proceeded S along 14.12, requesting alternate target. Ordered by CiC to strike A4 as secondary. 251 turned N from 14.11 area and approached from S.

251 encountered large number of enemy aircraft low at target. Wyatt downed La-5 on first pass at 2354, but shot down at 2355. aJoust claimed P-39D at 2354 and destroyed two field guns and ammo bunker at 2355, before being shot down 2356. Sidle shot down P-39D and 2355, shot down afterwards. Morgan destroyed gun at 2355, shot down 2356. 1Duke1 shot down 2356. MEF4UD destroyed two field guns at 2355, shot down 2356. Roche shot down 2356. Trol claimed P-39 at 2356. HAMMERR destroyed four P-39s on ground at 2354, ad 2355, shot down 2355.

Personnel Status
Maj. David Wyatt Shot Down
2nd Lt. HAMMERR Shot Down
1st Lt. aJoust Shot Down
2nd Lt. C. J. Lane III Crashed
Capt. MEF4UD Shot Down
2nd Lt. Neil Roche Shot Down
1st Lt.Michael Sidle Shot Down
1st Lt. Trol Shot Down
Capt. Charlie Morgan Shot Down
2nd Lt. 1Duke1 Shot Down

Equipment Status
10 Bf-110G-2 10 Lost
20 500kg bombs 20 Expended
40 50kg bombs 40 Expended

Pilot Victories
Maj. David Wyatt 1
1st Lt. aJoust 1
1st Lt. Michael Sidle 1
1st Lt. Trol 1

Pilot Targets on Ground
2nd Lt. HAMMERR 4

Pilot Objects Destroyed
1st Lt. aJoust 3
Capt. MEF4UD 1
2nd Lt. Neil Roche 1
1st Lt. Trol 1
Capt. Charlie Morgan 1