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After Action Report
Marine Fighting Squadron 251

Date of Action: November 13, 2009
Base of Operations: A35
Division Assignment: Defense A35

VMF-251 took off at 2254 with six P-40B's and formed up with 367th FG for defense of A35. Squadron formed up by flights:

Red Flight
Lt. Col. Wyatt
2nd Lt. Millsaps
1st Lt. Roche
2nd Lt. King

Blue Flight
Capt. Sidle
1st Lt. Trol

Squadron climbed to maximum altitude and entered patrol arc over field. King vanished 2310. Enemy aircraft sighted around 2330. Wyatt shot down A6M at 2330. Herder bailed out 2334. Trol bailed at 2335. Millsaps shot down 2337. Sidle shot down 2338.

Wyatt shot down B5Ns at 2340, 2341 and 2342. Entered protracted engagement with lone A6M in bay near field. Enemy aircraft turned into Wyatt and forced collision.

Personnel Status
Lt. Col. David Wyatt Collision
2nd Lt. Billy Millsaps Shot Down
1st Lt. Neil Roche Bailed Out
2nd Lt. Frank King Vanished
Capt. Michael Sidle Shot Down
1st Lt. Trol Bailed Out

Equipment Status
6 P-40B 5 Recovered

6 Lost

Pilot Victories
Lt. Col. David Wyatt 4