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After Action Report
Marine Fighting Squadron 251

Date of Action: December 11, 2009
Base of Operations: A10
Division Assignment: Factory Defense

VMF-251 took off at 2300 from A53 with 6 Bf-109K-4s, assigned to cover factories in sector 12.7.7 and 12.6.5 with three other squadrons. Squad broke up by flights to patrol area W of southern objective:

Red Flight
Lt. Col. Wyatt
2nd Lt. Millsaps
1st Lt. Roche
1st Lt. Norwood Bodie

Blue Flight
Capt. Sidle
1st Lt. Trol

Squadron split up with Red Flight patrolling northward while Blue patrolled south to cover radar gap. Wyatt climbed to altitude alternating N/S to accomodate windshears.

At about 2340 formation of Allied aircraft encountered at low altitude, and squadron turned to intercept. Blue made first contact with unescorted A-20s and engaged. Trol shot one down at 2340 and crashed at 2341. Sidle claimed a second at 2342, but shot down as well.

Red Flight arrived and spotted bombers and group of Tempests. Red engaged fighters. Roche bailed out and Millspas shot down 2343. Bodie shot down Tempest at 2345. Wyatt and Bodie shot down 2347.

Personnel Status
Lt. Col. David Wyatt Shot Down
2nd Lt. Billy Millsaps Shot Down
1st Lt. Neil Roche Bailed Out
1st Lt. Norwood Bodie Shot Down
Capt. Michael Sidle Shot Down
1st Lt. Trol Crashed

Equipment Status
6 Bf-109K-4 6 Lost

Pilot Victories
1st Lt. Norwood Bodie 1
Capt. Michael Sidle 1
1st Lt. Trol 1