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After Action Report
Marine Fighting Squadron 251

Date of Action: October 9, 2009
Base of Operations: A19
Division Assignment: Patrol Sector 3

VMF-251 took off at 2259 with seven Spitfire Mk.I's. Squadron formed up and began climbout. Arranged:

Red Flight
Lt. Col. Wyatt
2nd Lt. Eli Coronado
1st Lt. Roche
CWO4 Millsaps

Blue Flight
Capt. Sidle
1st Lt. Trol
2nd Lt. King

Large formation of enemy aircraft appeared in squadron's patrol sector, and VMF-251 turned to investigate. Sporadic sightings by other patrols, but squadron did not encountered enemy. Second formation appeared about 2320. King spotted large formation of Ju-88s below the squadron headed N. Wyatt radioed contact and ordered engagement: Red Flight on bombers, with Blue engaging escort.

Millsaps broke up on dive in and crashed at 2330. Wyatt suffered failure of both ailerons and forced to egress. Coronado shot down Ju-88 at 2332 and 2333. Sidle claimed Bf-109s at 2333 and 2334. Coronado shot down third Ju-88 at 2337. King shot down 109 and was shot down himself at 2337. Trol shot down 109 at 2338. Herder ditched with engine damage at 2339. Drazz bailed out at 2340.

Wyatt withdrew to base, spotted formation of Ju-88s pursued by Coronado. Relayed updated position and, despite missing both ailerons, turned to engage. Unable to line up successful shot, and arrival of escorts forced Wyatt to withdraw. Coronado bailed out at 2341.

Wyatt recovered at 2343. Trol landed at 2346.

Personnel Status
Lt. Col. David Wyatt Landed Safely
2nd Lt. Eli Coronado Bailed Out
1st Lt. Neil Roche Ditched
CWO4 Billy Millsaps Crashed
Capt. Michael Sidle Bailed Out
1st Lt. Trol Landed Safely
2nd Lt. Frank King Shot Down

Equipment Status
7 Spitfire Mk.I 1 Recovered

2 Damaged

4 Lost

Pilot Victories
2nd Lt. Eli Coronado 3
Capt. Michael Sidle 2
1st Lt. Trol 1
2nd Lt. Frank King 1